Monday, July 24, 2017

Le Petit Lapin, Elsternwick by Rockstar

I was hungry. So hungry. It was 2:00 pm on a Sunday and I needed, yes needed, lunch quickly as also had to get to a non-food catch-up.

So I looked close to home - there are lots of great options but often they are busy places. Le Petit Lapin is a little quieter, more cute than hipster trendy and has some easy options. I flicked past the specials, was tempted by the scones, jam and crime fraiche and the champignons omelette and saw the buckwheat galettes.

Le Petit Lapin, Elsternwick, classique crepe
I loved the buckwheat galettes in France years ago with their thin crispy slightly nutty taste so I chose the Classique with ham, cheese, parsley and fried egg with a green side salad. The fried egg was perfection - a golden gooey oozy yolk that acted like a rich sauce for the galette. A less mild cheese would have added a little more flavour. The galette was crispy and thin, and I was left full and satisfied. The salad was lovely and cut through the cheesy eggy galette beautifully.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Madeline's at Jells, Wheelers Hill by Obelix

It was my nephew's first birthday and we congregated at Madeline's in Jells Park for brunch to celebrate.  It was a strategically selected venue.  Spacious enough inside with playground and walking circuit down to the lake outside.

Madeline's at Jells, Wheelers Hill, banana bread
Banana bread

Madeline's serves all day breakfast with lunch and afternoon offerings within set times.  As we gathered outside of lunch hours, we selected menu items from their breakfast menu.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Greenfields Albert Park, Albert Park by Rockstar

When the Eat and Be Merry Crew was offered the opportunity to eat at Greenfields Albert Park I was very, very keen. I heard lots about it and seen gorgeous photos on Instagram. To be honest I was a tiny bit confused about exactly where it was. And I'll admit I got a little bit lost getting Lakeside Drive was closed off for an event. When I realised it was at the golf club, and where The Keg used to be...easy!!!!

Greenfields Albert Park, Albert Park, steak sandwich
Steak sandwich - surely the most delicious way to get some iron into my diet...and greens....and reds! 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Daniel's Donuts, Springvale by Bureaucrat

I love a good doughnut.  Custard filled ones are the best, then followed by jam doughnuts and then the good ol' cinnamon doughnuts.  So when I spotted a constant queue of people lining up outside into Daniel's Donuts (plus all the flotsam of used up doughnut packing in the nearby bin) I knew I had to check it out.  Daniel's Donuts appears to be a New Zealand franchise and is located in the midst of the sprawling set of shops and fast food outlets in Springvale (that headache inducing intersection of Springvale Road - Centre Road - Dandenong Road - Police Road).  The place is open 24 hours which gives you an idea of just how popular Daniel's Donuts is.

Daniel's Donuts, Springvale
I got all caught up in the surrounding excitement of everyone buying doughnuts - it's hard not to. I liken it to being at Costco - you go there with the intention of buying one thing and you end up with a trolley full of stuff.  And in this case, I ended up with half a dozen of doughnuts and a pie.  

There's lots of doughnuts and they're very well priced ($3 each - regardless of whether it's a jam, custard or plain one - or you can get six for $15).  The proof is in the pudding, so how did they taste? 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Zumbo Patisserie, South Yarra by Rockstar

I remember leaving work early to get to a pop up shop before all the Zumbo chouxmacas sold out. That was before Zumbo opened in Melbourne. I remember convincing myself it was worth it... but I wasn't sure.

Zumbo Patisserie, South Yarra, chouxmaca
Zumbo has relaunched his chouxmacas, they're only available Thursday to Sunday and the snickers one is most definitely worth it - no convincing needed!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kitchen Republik, Box Hill by Obelix

Kitchen Republik is the type of place where there's a queue of punters snaking and overlapping itself.  Being intrigued by its popularity, P and Kiddo and I decided to try it out for Sunday lunch.

It had something for everyone.  Essentially Kitchen Republik serves Pan Asian type cuisines.  Hankering for Hong Kong style street food? Here it is.  Craving Taiwanese fried chicken?  Here it is also.  What about Shanghainese dumplings?  No problems!  It also incorporates Dessert Story for those wanting more of a tong shui or iced kachang experience. Kitchen Republik is deceptively large.  It has a mezzanine dining area as well, tucked away.  We were radioed up.

Kitchen Republik, Box Hill, beef noodles
I cannot go pass a menu item which states "Chef's specialty.  Must try!" so I ordered their Taiwanese Beef noodles.  It was in a sublime broth which had little bits of chopped preserved veggies, ginger, coriander and spring onions.  Very fragrant.  The beef itself was meltingly tender.  Yes, it was a 'must try!'.