Monday, February 19, 2018

King Henry Arts Cafe, Sassafras by Bureaucrat

On most days, you'll see a smiling man all decked out in medieval livery waving to passing traffic right outside King Henry Arts Cafe in Sassafras.  I've spotted him several times as I whizzed past in my car - each time thinking that I must check it out with the Lawyer and Boy Chick.

King Henry Arts Cafe, Sassafras, coffee
Latte and piccolo

Despite the kitschiness of it being a themed cafe, King Henry Arts Cafe is a very nice spot for a meal and a wander.  The cafe is set in this large property.  There's a gorgeous sun-dappled deck that we sat at for our mid-morning snack.  Inside, the rooms are beautifully decorated with plenty of seating. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Albion Rooftop, South Melbourne by Log Lady

A passion project for all involved – including owners ex-Collingwood AFL player Dane Swan, and former rugby league players Danny Williams and Robbie Kearns - the Albion Rooftop in South Melbourne re-opened its doors last week. The highly anticipated opening comes over two years after a devastating fire almost completely destroyed the hotel. 

Myself and friend (Nardy McFly – yes that is her real name) visited the Albion Rooftop to check out the venue, and try the food and drinks on offer.

The Albion Rooftop, South Melbourne, spiced lamb paratha
Spiced lamb on a cauliflower paratha bread 

The hotel has kept a lot of its old world charm – keeping the heritage fa├žade - but walk inside, and the three-floor establishment has been completely renovated.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Proserpina Bakehouse, Sassafras by Bureaucrat

Up in the mountains, way up high, a new bakery has opened, in leafy Sassafras.  The space that was formerly a nursery has transformed into a series of small shops (local artwork, jewellery and the like) that are housed in shipping containers, and right in the middle of it is the deliciously enticing Proserpina Bakehouse.

Proserpina, Sassafras, pissaladiere
Pissaladiere with onions, white anchovies, olives and parsley

While I'm told through local gossip that the established eateries in Sassafras were not too pleased with the arrival of the newcomer (too much competition, they feared), I and the locals are ecstatic about Proserpina Bakehouse.  Think: real yeasty flavoursome bread; pastries; sourdough; vegan bread; gorgeous fresh salads; pies; pizza slices; cakes; hand-squeezed juices... In other words, heaven!  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Workshop Brothers, Glen Waverley by Bureaucrat

The shops along the main dining area in Glen Waverley are in a midst of change.  A couple of old stalwarts have upped and gone; while some newbies have struggled to survive in the midst of fierce competition.  Workshop Brothers is one of the relative newcomers - I think it's been around for a year.  It replaced the old Spicy Fish restaurant, which I always found amusing that it was located right next door to the fishmonger.

Workshop Brothers, Glen Waverley
While I'd never be enticed to step into Spicy Fish, I was intrigued enough of the womb-like setting of Workshop Brothers.  The cafe is decorated in soft pastel peachy pink hues and shiny gold accents; all of which is framed by a pair of circular archways.  I'm guessing the circular archways are a nod to the Asian-fusion menu that's on offer.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Warran Glen Garden Centre & Cafe, Warrandyte by Bureaucrat

About 25 minutes north-east of the city, is Warrandyte.  If you haven't been to Warrandyte, let me paint you a picture: it's a haven for those with an artsy, folksy, sporty, green-thumbed bent.  Think bushy surrounds and the Yarra River burbling alongside it.  I've only been there once before, and I did enjoy meandering my way through the main strip of shops - with gourmet offerings (including the lovely Warrandyte Bakery, crystals and New Age-y things, secondhand bookshops and gorgeous homeware stores.

Warran Glen Garden Centre & Cafe, Warrandyte, salmon bagel
Salmon bagel

This time around, I was there on a two-day New Age-y training.  And while I was there, our group had lunch at the very picturesque cafe at the Warran Glen Garden Centre (which is about five minutes drive away from the main area).  

Monday, January 29, 2018

Fatto Bar & Cantina, Melboune CBD by Rockstar

After a gorgeous get together amongst the swoon-worthy silks and frou frou of the Dior exhibition, we were desperately hungry. Partly because we spent far longer at Dior than expected (but there was so much beauty!). We needed something close to fuel ourselves... Ms Colorful suggested Fatto Bar & Cantina. 

Fatto Bar & Cantina, Melboune, gnocchi with rabbit and walnut ragu
I struggle to resist when rabbit is on the menu in any form. My dad grew up in the country and we had rabbit regularly. We often had it had home when I was a kid. Luckily when I'm out, it’s usually better cooked than what I had at home! My order of gnocchi with rabbit and walnut ragu got the Italian waitress’s approval. I was similarly impressed when it arrived - tender gnocchi with a good bite, rich rabbit ragu, herby sweetness and nutty crunch. I may have made sure I got all the sauce once the gnocchi was consumed.